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Opt for affordable and adaptable air shipping solutions with Skyler Logistics

Enjoy faster, considerate air freight solutions, shipping options

Until you get your solution right, nothing will be changed

  • Airport-to-airport service
  • Next flight out options
  • Air Freight Hazardous Cargo
  • Own Air Carrier Contracts
  • Next-day shipping
  • Charter Services

By offering different options to save your time

  • Professional oversized, overweight, project and breakbulk cargo expertise
  • Strong relationships with domestic carriers
  • instant and considerate customer services

Our global team is highly experienced in Air Freight Logistics. We understand how critical timing is when utilizing air freight services. Every step in the process of handling an air freight shipment is handled with great care and a sense of urgency.

We know what goes into the process of shipping by air because we’ve been handling import and export air shipments for many years. Our customers’ freight travels on a long journey, so it is imperative that no detail is missed. From packaging and cargo measurements to scheduling route times and customs clearance, our team provides expert guidance and instant communication so our customers can expand their global footprint.

From critical to routine shipments, we understands that air cargo comes in different forms. Whether it’s temperature-controlled products, raw commodities, or manufactured goods, a reliable global air freight forwarder is crucial for your bottom line.

  • Robust purchase order management capabilities
  • User-friendly Track and Trace
  • Expedited and deferred services
  • End-to-end transparency

Skyler Logistics extensive global network spans over 100 locations in Asia, Europe, and North America, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your air freight needs.

As a proud member of the Transport Asset Protection Association, Skyler Logistics prioritizes the safety and security of your freight. Our facilities feature advanced security measures such as 24-hour monitoring, closed-circuit cameras, keypad access, and stringent driver check-in and escort policies. Additionally, all our United States facilities are authorized economic operators, demonstrating our commitment to cargo security. Discover more about our credentials and approach to safeguarding your cargo.

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