The Dragon Boat Festival is the best way to gather with Chinese family, friends and clients. They like to share Zongzi with family and feel tenderness and warmth between them; They also send a gift to customer, wish business prosperity and a long and lasting cooperation.

Today, we interviewed our colleagues and know how they spent the Dragon Boat Festival.

Maggie – Documents Department

“Every Dragon Boat Festival, I will buy some Zongzi and leaves make my own duck dumplings. Because I think Zongzi is wrapped in the way I like and tastes very delicious. And I also like to eat chicken soup stewed with calamus leaves on Dragon Boat Festival. The whole family will sit together.”

In our busy lives, we work hard but forget about our family. In Dragon Boat Festival, we have the chance to get along well with our families and express our love and gratitude. Just at this special moment, preparing Zongzi or make various handicrafts by ourselves strengthen the emotional bond between us.

Doris – Pricing department

“When I was a student, I made a dragon boat by myself with my best friends. Although I didn’t have much experience at that time, I was really happy to learn how to make it. Finally, I completed a very beautiful small dragon boat and went to the fishing port park in Xiashan to try to sail.”

It’s great to hear that Doris and her friends have had a wonderful time on this day full of fun and laughter. This is not just a simple activity, but also a reflection of the emotions and trust shared between us, because it is a golden opportunity for us to gather with friends. We can enjoy traditional cuisine and culture together, exchange ideas and feelings with each other.

Leo – Sales department

“We have given some Dragon Boat Festival gifts to bring warmth and gratitude to our customers. These small gifts can be exquisite Zongzi, auspicious wormwood, exquisite handicrafts, etc. They can not only convey our feelings, but also help us Enhance emotional bonds with customers.”

It’s an opportunity to express gratitude and cherish customers. Through gift giving and special events, we can express our gratitude to our customers, strengthen our connection and trust with them, and also help maintain and consolidate our business relationship.

On this occasion, if you have any needs, we can also develop special services for you, such as providing additional cargo insurance services, quantity discounts, flexible payment methods, and so on.

Thank you for choosing us and we have always maintained a humble, grateful, thoughtful, and improved attitude towards your trust. We look forward to create better services, higher quality services, and meet more your needs.