Skyler Logistics provides Top-Notch SCRM and Logistics Risk Management Solutions

In this new era of security, the importance of logistics risk management is evident. From theft to terrorism to hazardous materials spills, every aspect of the global supply chain faces daily threats. We are committed to implementing supply chain risk management strategies that ensure the safety of our customers’ assets, as well as our employees and the communities we operate in.

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Certifications for Managing Supply Chain Risk

  • Indirect Air Carrier (TSA)

  • Certified Cargo Screening Facility (TSA)

  • Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)

  • CTPAT Certified Consolidator (U.S. Customs)



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Thanksgiving Day

Connecting Skyler Logistics

Thanksgiving and the import/export industry have a strong connection. During this holiday season, there is an increased demand for imported goods, such as food products, decorations, and gift items. Importers play a crucial role in ensuring that these goods are available to meet the demand of Thanksgiving celebrations. Additionally, exporters also benefit from Thanksgiving as they export products, such as agricultural produce, to meet the demand in international markets during this time.